Saturday, June 6 2020, 22:44 pm
Richardson Algebra 1 Solving Even MORE Equations

How Might A Pair Of Snakes Used For Driving In The Rain

2019-2020 Q1 Equations with Variables on Both Sides Day 13 I. Do Now and write an equation that will help you solve each problem. A) How Might a Pair of Snakes Be Used For Driving in the Rain?

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COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH THE SUITABLE FORM OF THE VERBS IN BRACKETS: 1.- If I __________ (find) a good job, I’ll move to Madrid. 2.- He met his wife when he __________ (work) in Brussels. 3.- You can turn off the radio. I ____________ (not listen) to it. 4.- Where _________ (you / have) dinner yesterday? 5.- This exercise is difficult. I __________ (help) you to do it. 6.- What ____________ (you / cook) tonight? 7.- ____________ (you / finish) your homework yet? 8.- My father ___________ (go) to the bank. He’ll be back soon. 9.- What __________ (they / do) at 9.00 last night? 10.- It __________ (snow) when we _________ (leave) the library. 11.- I usually __________ (listen) to the news in the car. 12.- My cousin is a writer. He __________ (write) three novels. 13.- Be careful! The baby _________ (put) those keys in his mouth! 14.- When ______________ (Barack Obama / become) president of the USA? 15.- My students _____________ (not listen) when I gave the instructions. 16.- Gonzalo is thirsty! I ___________ (get) him a glass of water! 17.- If it ___________ (not rain) we’d lie on the beach. 18.- It’s my birthday next week- Don’t worry! I ____________ (not forget) it. 19.- I think it ___________ (rain) this afternoon. 20.- John _________ (speak) to Susan a minute ago. 21.- If you ask him nicely, he _________ (help) you. 22.- Would you like a coffee? No, thanks. I ________ (already / have) four cups today. 23.- ____________ (you /ever / have) an argument with your parents about clothes. 24.- I’m sure they __________ (lose) the match. 25.- My neighbour has broken his leg. He _________ (not play) tennis this weekend. 26.- If I had the receipt, I __________ (return) these jeans. 27.- What would you like? I __________ (have) some orange juice. 28.- If my brother __________ (not arrive) soon, I’ll send him a text message. 29..-I __________ (not see) my grandparents since last summer. 30.- If you found a purse, __________ (you / give) it to the teacher?